Interventional Pain Management

Precision Pain & Spine Institute offers you the individualized attention you need to heal and treats you with the most leading-edge techniques to help you recover quickly.

Whether your pain is wild or mild, we will have you covered and you do not have to live another day in pain!


The practice of using Interventional pain management (IPM) to ease the chronic pain has been tremendously increasing. This method is proven to be effective and widely accepted for empowering patients to help restore the quality of life they deserve, without the need for surgery.

Techniques & Procedures

At Precision Pain & Spine Institute, we specialize in identifying the underlying cause of pain with the help of special imaging equipment and numbing medications. Our board-certified doctors use a holistic approach to design a minimally invasive surgical course of action, meticulously individualized for our patients.


We pride ourselves in owning our patient’s pain from start to finish!

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